Transgender Model

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Transgender Model

Lisa Du Preez

I was born on the 26th May in South Africa. I am a Post Operative Male to Female Transsexual.

I had my SRS Operation on the 21 June 1999 and never looked back. I am proud of who I am as a Transgender woman and believe that each and every person on this earth has the right to be here and should be respected regardless of their Sex, Age, Religion or Background.

As a transgender woman I try to raise positive awareness for Transgender people and I am a great supporter of Transgender rights as this is an issue close to my heart. My transformation saved my life and I hope I can help others by sharing my story with other. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012 and this condition have limited my life but not my spirit.

I was given the title of Lady Lisa Ward as a wedding gift and I sometime use my Title but for most I am just me.

My mother once answered a question I asked in a moment of depression “Why did God make me a man?” (Mother) “He made you a man so that you can become a perfect woman” these words have carried me through the toughest of times. I believe that I am who I am because I was meant to be who I am.

I am deeply spiritual and found that discovering who I am is not just about the outside but the inside also. I am always open to helping others so if you need any advice or guidance please get in touch. Namate  


Enjoy my site. I am looking forward to sharing my life and passions for it with you.

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