Transgender Model

Board Room Eyes

I was sitting at my desk…struggling with the end of month figures.  I was missing something somewhere and they just wouldn’t balance.   The office air-conditioning was on the blink again and it was hotter than hell.   My cuffs are undone and my shirt sleeves were rolled up above my elbows and my buttons undone as far as appropriate for a busy office.  I had already kicked my shoes off under my desk.   I’d pinned my curls up in a loose bun to keep the hair off my neck, but it wasn’t helping that much as a little droplet of perspiration made its way down my chest between my breasts.  My skirt is riding up above my knees and the lace tops of my stockings are visible.

I’m sitting staring at my monitor… the cursor flashes at me, almost hypnotising me, when my reverie is disturbed by a knock on my door.  “You are required in the board room.”

Scrabbling for my black patent heels, I slip them on then stand and straighten my skirt and head off as summoned.  When I arrive I knock on the door and allow myself in…the room is dark and for a second, I thought empty, then I hear his voice, “Ahhh yes, Come in please.”

I think I recognise the voice, but I’m not sure…I cannot see who it belongs to.

“Please sit here”.

I walk towards the voice and assume he meant the chair beside him and so I turn towards it.

“No…Not there…Here…”

I see a hand in a cuff linked shirt sleeve motion to the desk.  He is sitting well back from the desk, so I walk in front of him; I am confused and more than a little flustered but find myself doing as I am told. I lean against the edge of the massive boardroom table …His face is in shadow, I can only see his hands and legs – the bulge in the Italian cut suit front is not lost on me.

“I said sit!”

His voice is low but insistent; a gentle dominance that leaves me no opportunity to argue.

I slide back on the cool wood of the table; its French polished surface is slippery beneath my skirted arse.  I am surprised at my sudden willingness to do as I am told.

He stands, places his manicured hands onto my knees and gently pushes my legs apart.  I allow this as if it is the most natural thing in the world to do.  He moves forward and stands between them, his face is still in shadow, but I smell his familiar cologne.  I open my mouth to speak, but am silenced by his pointer finger softly against my mouth.  I close my lips, and almost kiss it in so doing.

“Shhh, my Dear.”  He moves his hand beneath my chin and tilts my face up, I close my eyes and I feel the barest brush of his lips against mine.   I find myself respond and seek them out.  He kisses me, his lips move against mine and his tongue finds its way between, flicking, licking, teasing, kissing me deeply.  God I want more of this. His hand has moved from chin and brushing down the side of my neck, inside the collar of my shirt and his fingers rest on my collar bone, all the while his kisses hold me captive.  His lips brush the same path down my neck, following his fingers, a half gasp half sigh escapes my lips as his hands are on by breasts, my head thrown back he is kissing my collar bone.  The sensation is electric as his thumbs brush against my nipples straining through the lace of my bra and the cotton of my business shirt.  My shirt is undone and pushed from my shoulders and as it slips to the floor, his mouth is at my breast, his teeth nipping their way around my hard pink nipple. He reaches around and with a well-practiced manoeuvre undoes the clips of my bra and in a moment it joins my shirt on the floor.  His hands and mouth are at my breasts, sucking and squeezing and driving me insane.  Each twirl of his tongue makes my pussy contract and I can feel myself soaking my knickers; God I want that mouth on my clit.   As if he read my mind, he pushes me back onto the table.  My skirt is pushed up revealing my knickers – I was right, they are soaked almost clear with my juices. He holds open my stocking clad legs and places my feet, shoes still on, on the edge of the table,  sitting back down in the leather chair he pulls it in close and using one hand to move the crotch of my knickers to the side, he uses the other to slip 2 fingers deep into my wet cunt.  In and out he slides, his knuckle pressing up against the nub of my clit and I thrust against it, moaning.

I feel him move and suddenly the finger fuck is in duet with a warm wet tongue licking my clit and sucking it into his mouth.  “Oh my Fucking God!”  I cry out almost over the edge.  “Please, please fuck me.”  The tantalising torment of my pussy and clit stops momentarily as I hear the jingle of a belt buckle and then I feel the hot head of a large cock against my pussy lips and I scream as it is thrust into me, stretching me wide, my clit dragging up and down its veined length as its massive head rubs over my g spot.   I move my hips to grind against it, glad at last to be filled and I’m over the edge and coming hard, my cunt hungrily contracting on his cock.

Suddenly I hear the sound of a loud ringing…fire bell?   What the…..I open my eyes to find myself in my bed.  Its 5.45am, the alarm clock is ringing madly beside me; my pyjamas are soaked with my juice as my pussy throbs under my hand.  Damn! There is no better way to wake up!




This is a reprise of my very first story based on an actual dream…still has the same effect on me as when I first wrote it…Hope it does for you too… J

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