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Nadia Almada Cuiside

I was shocked to learn that Nadia was in such a bad way, the very thing that made her has also ruined her. I am also shocked by Nadia’s comments that Coolio was calling her a tranny and that he told the other housemates to lift up her dress to see if she had male bit.

I am a BIG Big brother fan and watched all the episodes of the final Big Brother and at no stage did I ever hear mention of this, not even that Nadia was in the diary room over the abuse. I think we were shown what they wanted us to see.

At the time when Coolio left the house I did think that it seemed odd that he left over the one argument with Nadia, now I know there was more going on that we don’t know about, when Big Brother announced that he left by mutual agreement I thought it to be strange because they talk people out of leaving the house.

I feel bad for Nadia and she is a really sensitive person, being a transsexual is not easy and the last thing that we need is to be abused, called names and misunderstood.

I hope that Nadia can see past all this and carry on with her amazing life, she has come a long way to get where she is and I know that acceptance is important to us but she got to evaluate the criticism and see where it comes from. They are no better than her.

Welcome By Lisa Du Preez

I was born on the 26th May in South Africa. I am aPost Operative Male to Female Transsexual.

I had my SRS Operation on the 21 June 1999 and never looked back. I am proud of who I am and believe that each and every person on this earth have the right to here and should be respected regardless of the Sex, Age, Religion or background.

I spend of lot time raising awareness for Transgender people and I am a great supporter of Transgender rights as this is an issue close to my hart. My transformation saved my life and I hope I can help others by sharing my life and success.

My mother once answered a question I asked in a moment of depression “Why did God make me a man?” (Mother) “He made you a man so that you can become a perfect woman” these word have carried me trough the toughest of times. I believe that I am who I am because I was meant to be who I am.

I love modeling and have a few projects this year that will hopefully help me achieve my goals.

Enjoy my site. I am looking forward to sharing my life and passions for it with you.

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