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If Only, Anal Fantasy

We would both be naked under the covers. I would wake and it would be so hard to wait for you to wake up. I would slide down under the covers. The tip of my tongue touching the tip of your cock. Seeing if you would stir. I would slowly wrap my mouth around the head of your cock. Just let it sit in my warm wet mouth. I wait as it slowly grows harder. Your still not fully awake. Your still on the edge of sleep.

I just keep your cock in my mouth. Enjoying the hardness of it. I swallow and you moan. You start to come out of your sleep. I start to suck on you. You roll onto your side so your cock slides deeper into my mouth. I gently cup your balls in my hand. Your cock is hard and ready. You grab my head and hold it against you, your cock pushing at the back of my throat. You pull out.

You tell me to come lay with you, my back against your chest. Your hand slides between my legs, I am already wet. You slide your cock into my pussy and keep it buried deep inside me. You make slow, short strokes inside me. It feels so good. Your hands are around me, playing with my nipples. The way you pinch them, touch them, pull them, its delightful. You can feel my orgasms grabbing and squeezing your cock. You don’t let up. I want to please you but what you are doing to me just feels so damn good. I don’t want you to stop. Just when I think I have had enough of your touch I want more. You roll me on my back pulling your cock out of me. You come and straddle my face and you put your cock in my mouth. You slowly move it in and out. Every now and then teasing me by pulling it all the way out and rubbing it across my lips.

Oh I love the feel of your cock. I like to look at it. You slide it all the way in. Your right against my lips. Your fucking my mouth. Your cock chokes me a bit but I try to breathe through it. I suck away on it until you pull it out some. I enjoy this. I enjoy you taking control like this. Oh your cock fits so nicely in my mouth. You move away and tell me to turn over. I get on my hands and knees. You slide into my pussy so easily. This is what I wanted. To be fucked by you. You grab my hips, your fingers digging into me, you thrust in hard, deep. A good kind of pain. Let me feel your need to fuck me. You slap my ass a few times. Than your back at the hard fuck. We get into a good rhythm. I don’t last long in between orgasms.

You pull out. You put the tip of your cock at my ass. I feel it starting to enter. Your cock feels so huge when at my ass. I can feel my ass being opened up for the head to enter. I like the feeling. I wonder if this will be the time you can get into it. You just stay still and let me adjust to you. I can’t tell how much is in. I feel you slide a tiny bit more in. It feels like a lot but you probably didn’t make any headway. You push against me and I can feel your cock moving in more. It feels like I am being ripped open. It hurts but in a good way. You push some more, telling me to breathe and relax. I want this so bad. I am afraid to move. The head of your cock must be in my ass, I can feel the pressure. The pain increases. You stretch me more as you push in. Oh does it hurt. I know if you can just get in some more the pain will subside. You just have to get past that point. You keep pushing and I can feel you sliding further into me. I can feel your balls are against me.

You are in my ass. You slowly pull out a bit. I can feel the slightest movement you make. I want to be ass fucked by you. I want to feel your cock moving in and out of my ass. You slowly slide a bit out and then back in. As my ass relaxes and opens more to you, your movements get easier. You can slide out more of your cock. I am starting to enjoy the sensation. When I orgasm we both stop moving or I will push you out. You grab my hips and start to fuck me. I think we’ve both been waiting for this, wanting it. It doesn’t take much. You tell me your going to cum in my ass. You push in as deep as you can. I feel you tense up. I can hear you as your cum shoots into me. I like having your cum inside of me. I like this moment. I like the feeling of you fucking my ass until you cum. You slowly slide your cock out of me. I can feel your cum.

We lie down next to each other. Wow is all I can think. You just fucked my ass and came in it. Its a bit overwhelming but I like the way it felt. I curl up next to you, I drape a leg across yours. I can’t help but touch you, I run my hands along your body. I can’t get enough of you. I enjoy you.

Coming Out To Family as Transgender

Coming Out To Family as Transgender

Coming out to family as being Transgender can be a stressful decision to make, dealing with the fact that you are Transgender is such a complex  issue and really personal to each person that predicting the outcome of how family will react is impossible.

There is a few things to consider, who do you tell first? what if you get a negative reaction? how will this impact on your relationship with your family and will you lose them for ever?

I have been asked these questions many times by people in my support group, I was in a similar situation and coming from a conservative and sheltered upbringing it was difficult to tell my family that I am transgender.

Make sure that the first person you tell are going to keep it to themselves, having a sister, brother or extended family members support will make the process easier. I found that once I came out to one person and had there support the rest was easier, Try and tell your direct family first, parents and siblings so that they hear it from you first, gossip can give them a completely different and watered down version of your situation.

Be patient with family that don’t react to well to the news, people that don’t understand an issue will reject it anyway regardless of who the person is.

Be prepared when you speak to family, know the subject and be ready to answer any question that they might have and be ready for some really personal questions, answer them honestly and be open minded, they will remember you for your honesty but wont forgive you for any lies. When you have the moment to speak out it can be really difficult to get it all across but don’t worry this wont be the only time you talk about this to them.

Transgender people need all the support that thay can get and having that from their families will make dealing with the condition a lot easier. If you dont have family support dont worry, there is a lot of good support groups out there that can give you all the support you need, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get help and support.

As explained, it is impossible to predict how family will react as each person’s situation is different, if you are unsure about coming out to your family please speak to a councilor first. You are welcome to contact me should you need any more information on dealing with coming out to your family as transgender.

Here is a link to my YouTube video where I answered a similar question to a friend.

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