Transgender Model

First Transgender Model in Midweek Sport

I have always looked at ways to break the stigma surrounding transgender people and in 2012 I intend to carry on with my mission. I am always grateful for all the support I receive from people and take the criticism with a pinch of salt. Without critics, I don’t think that I would have carried on raising awareness for trans people as they make me more determined to prove my point so I thank you all, please keep it up.

First Transgender Model in Midweek Sport

I was asked by the Sunday Sport if I will do a topless shoot for the paper. My first reaction was NO! I didn’t want to get involved in negative publicity and based on the papers reputation I felt that I wouldn’t get the sort of exposure that I wanted. I figured it would just be another sensationalized article making me appear freakish. I then thought about an angle that would work for me and after numerous conversations with the paper they agreed to simply publish me as one of their models that happen to be transgender. This was a unique angle and one that the paper has never done before so I agreed to do a topless shoot for them.

I am pleased that the paper agreed to the conditions, Transgender woman are beautiful and should be allowed to appear in the media as transgender models. Transgender people should be allowed to take part in beauty competitions and advertising without stigma. I want to make it clear that I am not condoning topless modelling in tabloid press and, so called, “Lads Mags” as a way for all transgender women to get accepted in society. I happen to be an established model and it has taken me many years to be accepted as a transgender model.

There are hundreds of transgender people around the world from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, actors and sports people just to name a few that are making a fantastic contribution towards equality and raising positive awareness for Trans people. I happen to be known as a model and this is what I use to get my point across. Being a model is only a small part of who I am, I am a business woman that makes a contribution to society, I am also involved in a program where I will be attending schools to speak to children about being transgender. I believe educating children at a young age will bring understanding, prevent bullying and reduce suicide.

 There are thousands of woman trying to get into the “Sunday Sport” paper as one of their “Babes” as this is a great platform to launch a modelling career and where a lot of successful models started. I feel that this is a great opportunity for me to show that transgender women are beautiful and feminine.

The Sunday Sport will reveal me as one of their models on the 18th January 2012.




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