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Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is a word that I haven’t heard till I was in my twenties, when I grew up there was no name in South Africa for this condition. My family today admit that they knew that there was something different about me all the time. The overwhelming feeling that you in the wrong body is hard to explain to people, there is not a lot of comparisons that I know about out there that can explain this complex condition.

I am in the process of advising a family with a child that suffer from gender dysphoria, there is no dough in my mind that the child was born in the wrong body, her parents have tried every possible avenue to steer their child in the direction of the sex that they were born in but with no success. In some cases this process is as traumatic for the parents as it is for the child and I recommend counselling for the parents as the first step in getting help for the child, when the parents understand gender dysporia they will be in a better situation to assist their child.

The next step will obviously be for the child to get counselling and for a professional to recommend the best plan of action to deal with the child, this usually consist of counselling for both the parents and child.

Gender dysphoria also known as Gender identity disorder is a psychiatric classification, GID is not medically classified as a mental illness. Gender Identity disorder in children are considered to always have been there, children are not really aware of the differences in their sexuality till they get to a later age that they define a clear gender preference. Ultimately the only solution is to bring the body in line with the mind and not the other way around; as this is not possible.

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Should parents support a child’s decision to live as the opposite sex, or is it the parents job to guide the child into his or her biological gender? A heated debate ensues between Toni, whose 13-year-old son has Gender Identity Disorder, and professionals who say her child is going through a phase. For more on this episode visit

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