Transgender Model

I want to confess

I want to confess.
To something I haven’t done yet.
Oh but I want to !

At least I think I do.

I want to rip open his shirt and run my hands down his chest. Will it be hairy? Yes, just a little bit I think. Enough to tickle and excite my nipples as they brush over it, but I get ahead of myself…

First when we finally maneuver ourselves to a place where we are alone, he will take advantage of our isolation and kiss me long and hard. I will offer no resistance, a willing partner in this exciting exploration. I will reach down. There is nothing soft about him. He is one hundred percent man. He will quickly learn I am all woman. I will let him touch what his eyes have already coveted. I want him to touch me. I want to feel his hands. They are big hands. Will they be smooth or rough? I think rough. From his days spent in hard work. I imagine them bruising my flesh, holding me firmly against him, above him, below him…, but again I am getting carried away…

He will show restraint and stop me before I get to unbuckle his jeans and release his erect member. Instead I will feel it pulsing through the denim. He will bring me back up to his eye level so that he can kiss me again with his hard lips. I am momentarily weak and in his control. He moves his mouth from mine trailing it down my delicate throat and along the sensitive skin of my collarbone. I will fall limp like a rag doll. Kiss my neck and I am putty. Goosebumps flare across my skin just from the thought of it.

His hands will roam my body over my clothes trying to find a way in. I will do the same only with faster results. I’ll reach his firm prick first causing him to halt his assault on my buttons. It’ll be a tight fit, my hand and his raging cock inside his jeans. This time he’ll offer no resistance to my lowering of his zipper, letting his cock spring forth like a Jack-in-the-Box. I will laugh. Even in sexy moments like this, some things are funny. I hope he doesn’t think I am laughing at him.

To show him I’m not I will drop to my knees to take him in my mouth. I wonder what it will be like… Will it be long and thin and work like a wand? Will he use it with wizardry hitting magical places deep in my core? Or will it be thick, filling and thoroughly satisfying? Stretching me to my limit. Maybe it will just be of average length and girth but used with great skill. To be honest I don’t really care, if he can use it to a tenth of my imaginings, I’ll be a happy woman.

And it won’t take too long to find out! He will spin me around and take me from behind. Pants around our ankles, standing legs straight, bent at the waist holding onto the wall for support, I’ll meet each urgent thrust with a push of my own. It’s like a teenage fuck but with superior skills only time and practice grants the participants. He won’t forget me, reaching around to stroke my clit, not that the extra stimulation is required, it is enough to finally have these dreams realised.

Maybe we’ll have the luxury of time and space. A bed to recline on. My legs spread wide, his tongue wreaking havoc on my throbbing pussy. At last able to lick and tease my most excitable of places. The warmth of his breath alone will nearly be enough to make me cum, hell, I’m all but there now just thinking about it. Naturally, he will bring me to orgasm repeatedly using a variety of techniques.

I will straddle his chest and make him watch me holding my firm round breasts. I will play with myself knowing it is what he longs to do. I will reverse my position to give him an eyeful whilst I gently tease his cock to new heights of the sweetest tension. I will taunt and torment his patience but will he remain passive or take control? I think he will want to show off his physical strength. Perhaps by flipping our positions and pinning me down to apply his own brand of vexation, or by pounding me hard with no thought or care to my needs, just as long as he finds his own gratification. I’d be satisfied with either outcome. I want him to use me in any way of his choosing, as long as I get my own turn to lead from time to time.

Our sex may be brief, it may last all night, it may be taken in bite sized pieces over days,weeks and months. It may all stay in my mind. I’ve not decided.

But if I look closely at him, carefully, piece by piece… And if I really think about my desires, dreams, fantasies…  I have him already.  A lover so great, so tender, so exciting, so rough, so orgasmic that my friends all want a taste. There is no need to look outside of what I already have. The grass will never be greener than what already surrounds my home.

So shhh, don’t tell my husband I decided to continue this affair……….with him.

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