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Kelly Osbourne sex-swap shock

Kelly Osbourne ­tearfully dumped ­fiancé Luke Worrall when she found out he was ­having a secret affair.

The heartbroken star finally ended her engagement to the model when she discovered he was cheating with Elle ­Schneider, an identikit blonde.

But what Kelly DOESN’T ­realise is that Elle was born a man – and is now a pre-op transsexual.

Elle, 21, from Miami, revealed her secret to the Sunday Mirror, and produced an ID card that shows she started life as Reynaldo Gonzalez.

She said: “I was open with Luke that I was born a boy. He didn’t mind – in fact it turned him on more.

“He is a very good-looking guy and when I first met him, he seemed so vulnerable and messed up, I wanted to look after and protect him.

“He always insisted to me he was single and I had no idea he was engaged to Kelly ­Osbourne.”

Kelly blasted Luke in a ­succession of expletive-ridden Twitter rants two weeks ago after discovering his infidelity – but she will be more shattered to learn the whole story.

On December 28, Kelly, 26, tweeted: “Luke Worrall is the biggest piece of s**t .

“He is the worst thing that ever happened to me. He has used me for my money and a free ride. I have never felt heartbreak like this in my life.

“I only came home for Xmas to see him meanwhile he has been f*****g hundreds of girls as well as men behind my back.”

Transgendered Elle, who has the same tousled blonde locks as Kelly, met Luke in a New York nightclub more than a year ago.

She says he was smitten from the start – but she was horrified when she found out he was dating Ozzy and Sharon ­Osbourne’s ­famous daughter.

“From the moment I met him, he was telling me he loved me and he wanted us to get ­married,” she said. “But now I ­realise it was all lies. At the same time as he was professing his love to me, he was doing the same to Kelly.

“I think the way he has ­treated her is ­terrible and I only hope she can ­finally move on. The way Luke lives his life is ­completely toxic.”
Luke Worrall and Kelly Osbourne (Pic:

Elle, who ­started ­hormone treatment three years ago and has breast ­implants, said Luke was aware she was a ­transsexual from the start.

“He told me that it turned him on knowing I was once a boy. Luke is very different to most guys ­sexually.

“It was a relief to find someone who accepted me as I am. Since I was a kid I have always felt I am a woman trapped in a man’s body and I was determined to have a sex change as soon as I was old enough.”

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