Transgender Model

Lisa Du Preez on OMG with Peaches Geldof

I had a great response from people after doing an interview on the OMG Show with Peaches Geldof. Some feedback was bad but overall I am pleased with the outcome.

I wanted to paint a good picture for Transgender people and show that we are normal people, we have hopes, dreams and can achieve success in society after having medical correction to turn you into the sex you were born to be.

Transgender People make a large contribution to society and most of them go undetected and live normal lives in society without people knowing who they are. I have taken a great risk in exposing myself, my life and that of my husband, but it is a risk worth taking. I would like to change the perception that people have of transgender people.

There is a few transgender people that don’t approve of the things I say and do and I respect that, but there is nothing off limits with me, I was born as a girl but for people to understand the principal you have to refer to the sex that you were born in, it is easier for people to understand that you were born in the wrong body than trying to explain the complex-ed situation behind being transgender.

I will continue to spread a good and positive message about transgender people and hope that what I do will make a diffrance no matter how small.

If you ha not seen the show here is a link……

OMG Show Lisa Du Preez

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