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Professional Photo Editing

Professional Photo Editing is the specialty of Magic My Photos!  Whether you are looking to whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, look a little younger with some wrinkles removed or just want some odd background eliminated from your photo!  We specialise in Model portfolios and help make every picture extra special and unique.

We use advanced Photoshop techniques and can adjust your photo to fit your requirements and no job is too big or too small.  Editing your images is what we are good at and our clients love seeing their photos airbrushed and perfected after the event in a way they could only have imagined!

Every image is hand done by our experienced technicians and whatever your request, we will meet all your needs with a 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee.  Magic My Photos have many celebrity clients who use our services for their own personal and professional images and trust us implicitly to return their original shots in a way they could only have imagined.

We can remove blemishes or scars, hide tattoos and wrinkles, smooth out skin tone and uneven cellulite, enhance makeup and edit out braces and glasses – all in the click of a button.  And if you have a bit of body contouring where a few extra pounds or lumps and bumps need carefully adjusting, we specialise in this too.  Don’t just aspire to being more beautiful in your photos, let us show you that you already are!





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