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Outdoor Play

When Sarah got back to her room she flopped on the bed thanking God that her parents still had not left the pool area.

What just happened? She thought. She kept thinking and replaying the last few minutes in her head. She wasn’t doing herself any favours though. Every time she closed her eyes she saw his own piercing right through her, felt his hands on her skin and imagined his mouth moving over hers. Then there was the matter of what he had done to other parts of her body with his tongue…

Sarah shot out of bed and decided to take a cold shower. That’s what people did in situations like these, or so she had heard. Sarah shook her head at her lack of carnal knowledge. How could one person be so hopeless?

She took off her bikini but before she stepped into the shower she turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She could see everything above her calves and was bathed in natural sunlight. She felt an odd, growing sense of appreciation for her body now. How odd she thought, that it took one man to look at her with desire to make her recognize that her body was capable of inspiring those kinds of feelings. She touched the breast that he had so passionately taken into his mouth and wondered what he had gotten out of it. Was that as pleasurable for him as it was for her? She didn’t think that could be possible. She reached down in between the folds of her womanhood and pulled her hand back, surprised at how wet she was.

Now that would have been embarrassing she thought. What would he have thought if he had ventured there during their brief encounter? Surely more experienced women would not have gotten as excited by what they had done. Somehow, Sarah thought, her arousal would have betrayed her inexperience.

Sarah shuddered as the cold water hit her skin. This isn’t helping, she thought, this is just massively unpleasant. She turned on the hot water and instantly felt herself relaxing. As she rubbed the soap on her skin she imagined it was his hands. She sobered up immediately when she heard the bathroom door open and her parents announce their presence.

“Sarah! You wouldn’t believe the stories the bartender downstairs told us!”

Sarah closed her eyes, fighting the headache that was threatening to come as her parents continued sharing the bartender’s tales of wayward past guests.

An hour later Sarah felt slightly guilty as her already dressed parents watched in confusion at her inability to choose a suitable outfit for dinner.

“Honey just pick one! It’s just dinner!”

Sarah ignored her Father’s pleas as she stood there in her PJs deciding between a sweet little, short-sleeved floral number she had bought specifically for the trip or a long, halter, form-fitting black maxi-dress with a deep v-cut that she had bought on a dare. It was the difference between being herself and looking like a sexier version of herself. But, the floral one did show off her legs which her friends (girls of course) had always told her were pretty.

“Here,” her dad said, “Let’s flip for it. Heads you wear the black, tails you wear the short one, sheesh!”

Sheesh is right Sarah thought. She watched nervously as the coin flipped in the air and landed on her Dad’s palm. He slapped it on the back of his hand and kept it covered.

“You ready?” he asked.

Sarah looked at him with impatient eyes.

He took his hand off and said the word she only just realized she had been fearing.


Sarah’s heart was thumping so hard when they reached the dining area that she was positive her parents could hear it. She tried to play it cool but couldn’t stop herself from scanning the room for her mysterious man.

I don’t even know his name! She thought. And he doesn’t know yours, a voice inside her head answered back. Sarah shook her head. This was a disaster of mega-proportions. She looked down at her watch, it was already a quarter to eight and there was no sign of him. As she sat down at their table she felt very silly all of a sudden in her sexy, black, ‘I’m all grown up’ dress. The back was too low to wear a bra and despite the thickness of the material, she felt hyper-aware of her immediate nudity under the cloth.

Screw him, she thought and looked up. At that moment her eyes locked with a now familiar pair of hazel ones and she felt as though the air had been sucked out of her lungs. He stood with one hand in his pocket and the other stroking his chin as he looked at her. He looked impossibly handsome in a fitted, white, button-down, cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up just below his elbows and dark slacks. His hair was gleaming and brushed off his face. The waiter was busy clearing his table but he clearly didn’t care.

Sarah felt the heat intensifying between them as he lowered his gaze to her chest. He paused there for a moment and Sarah saw his jaw working. It’s as if he was trying to hold himself back from something. Sarah inhaled sharply at the thought of what it could be. He looked at her face once more and smiled a slow, knowing smile and then sat down and thanked the waiter for his quick work.

Sarah’s feelings went from desire to slight annoyance. Is this really what he’s going to do? He’s going to sit in her line of sight while she tries to have dinner with her parents? Maybe that’s how he gets his kicks, making girls like her squirm by knowingly putting them in awkward situations.

“You ready to get in line Sarah?” her Mother asked.

“What?” she asked confused.

Her mother pointed at the tables to the side filled with numerous trays of delectable gourmet concoctions. “The buffet dear, we did come here to eat didn’t we?”

Sarah swallowed hard and got up. She forgot it was buffet night. She was so lost in her thoughts about that man. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him get up and follow close behind them. Half of her hoped he would find himself behind her and the other half prayed he would stay away. They formed a line at the plates, Sarah’s Mom first, then her Dad then her. She felt someone step in behind her and didn’t dare look back. Instead she straightened her shoulders and kept her gaze straight ahead with almost marine-like discipline.

As soon as she thought she had gained control of the situation Sarah felt warm knuckles gently tracing her lower back which was exposed. She arched forward and gasped which caught the attention of her Father. Sarah began to fake cough.

“You okay dear?” he asked.

Sarah nodded and he turned around. She looked over her shoulder and immediately felt a mixture of desire and annoyance. He had a nerve to smile at her that bastard! She gave him a look and motioned with her head to her parents. He looked at them and gave a slight nod. She hoped that meant he would behave.

They continued down the line without incident and Sarah followed her parents back to their table.

When they began to eat, some servers came out with complimentary drinks. Her Dad took one but her Mother declined. Before the waitress could ask Sarah what she wanted, her Mom informed her that she wouldn’t want any. Sarah felt a flush of embarrassment. She wasn’t big on drinking anyway but she wished her Mother hadn’t been so quick to speak for her.

They continued to eat and chit-chat. Sarah tried her best to ignore those beautiful eyes that she sensed had not stopped looking at her since they sat down. Somehow she didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore. It now made her feel strong and confident. She decided to glance at him and her fingers tightened around her fork at what she saw.

A waitress was offering him a complimentary drink and she was clearly in flirt mode. He smiled at her and took a drink from her tray. Sarah got annoyed when the waitress stayed there chatting with him. He was smiling and nodding at her way too much. What could possibly be so interesting? Sarah observed the waitress’s slim but curvy figure, large breasts and blond hair and suddenly felt inadequate. A guy who looks like that certainly wants a woman that looks like her. When the waitress bent down to whisper in his ear Sarah almost broke the fork in half.

He looked at her then and Sarah looked at her plate and kept on eating. She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of observing her jealousy. When she looked back up she saw the waitress leave his table but not before giving him a sly wink.

Filled with disgust Sarah excused herself to go to the bathroom which was all the way in the lobby. Once in the bathroom Sarah splashed her face with water, mentally patting her back for using waterproof mascara that night. She took some of the cold water and patted it on the nape of her neck which felt hot and tense. That was it. No more games, no more flirtations. Handsome men are to be admired from afar but never engaged.

Satisfied with her assessment of her situation Sarah left the bathroom determined to no longer give this man the time of day. As she made her way to the lobby she stopped by one of the mirrors to make sure everything was intact. She looked down and noticed her hem had gotten caught in the buckle of her sandal. She bent down to undo it. As she came back up there he stood, leaning against the mirror looking at her.

She gave him a stern, withering look. “What do you want?”

He looked at her confused, “Hey hey hey! What’s with the attitude?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask your blonde sexpot?”

Sarah couldn’t believe how ridiculous and immature she sounded but he just inspired such strong feelings in her.

“What are you talking about? That…the waitress?” he looked at her disappointed, “You can’t be serious.”

“Listen, I don’t know if this is some weird thing you like to do on vacation but I suggest you find a more willing participant, I’m sure it won’t be difficult for you. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

Sarah turned to leave but he took her by the shoulders and forced her to look at him.

“Was she flirting with me? Yes. I’m sorry, I can’t control how other people behave. I’m sure many guys give you unwanted attention.”

Not really, Sarah thought.

“She asked me to find her after her shift was done but I am in no way interested. What you saw was my attempt to be polite.”

“Whatever,” Sarah said dismissively, “It’s really not any of my business what you do or who you do it with.”

He let go of her shoulders and looked down at her. His jaw was working again but this time Sarah could feel the air crackling between them.

She cautiously turned away from him and walked back to her table.

When she got back to the dining area, the band had already started up. Sure enough her parents were cutting it up on the dance floor. They certainly didn’t waste any time Sarah thought and smiled. She went to her table and downed the rest of her soda. She was about to sit when a strong, muscled arm snaked across her waist and she was being led, quite powerfully and without question to the dance floor.

“What are you doing?” she hissed.

He didn’t answer. Instead he pulled her close and began moving to the rhythm of the now slow song. She saw her parents sidle up to them and panicked.

“My my Sarah it seems you’ve found yourself quite the dance partner!” her Mother said.

“Oh, is she your daughter?” he asked so very politely.

“She surely is” her Dad said.

“I hope you don’t mind me stealing her for a dance or two” he said.

“Oh no! Not at all” her Mother said a little too eagerly. Sarah’s Dad wiggled his eyebrows at her and she wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

“What’s your name son?” her Dad asked.

He looked into Sarah’s eyes then and said “Aidan”. He looked back at her parents and extended his hand. “My name’s Aidan”

“Nice to meet you Aidan” Sarah’s father said as he shook his hand. “I’m Roger and this is my wife Lana”

“It’s lovely to meet you both.”

“Ok, that’s enough introduction, you two continue dancing” her Mother said with a wink.

Sarah’s parents danced away and she was once again alone with Aidan.

Aidan took her hands and put them around his neck, resting his hands loosely on her waist. Sarah tried to pull back but he held her firmly.

“Why did you do that Aidan?”

“To show you that I’m not some sort of flake.”

“I see.”

“You can go ahead and ignore this thing between us if you want. But don’t do that because you think I’m trying to be some kind of Don Juan. I’m not that kind of guy. I’m not an angel and I’ve been around the block, I’ll give you that. But that got old pretty fast.”

Sarah didn’t know what to say or think. Why was he telling her this? What was he trying to gain? She had given him an out and he obviously didn’t want to take it. What was it that he saw in her exactly?

“Why me?” she blurted out.

The question seemed to stun him.

“First of all you’re beautiful. You’re not one of those cookie-cutter types that are somewhat ubiquitous. You’ve got a look that is all your own and it does something to me. Something I can’t explain.”

She began to smile and blush at the same time.

“And secondly, I like that you don’t seem to realize just how sexy you are. You wear it so nonchalantly. You think no one notices you but believe me they do.”

Sarah felt her breathing get shallow and her pulse quicken.

He pulled her close and rested his mouth against her ear.

“Then there is, of course, the matter of the way you kiss…”

Sarah felt her knees get weak and a flood of desire barrelled through her.

Her parents came up to them and informed her that they were going to go back to the room. Sarah offered to follow them but they insisted that it was still early and that she stay and enjoy the rest of the night.

“You didn’t even get to have dessert dear” her Mother said, “try the cheesecake, it was mouth watering.”

She looked at Aidan and then back at Sarah, “You two be good now.”

Sarah watched in awe as her parents left her with Aidan. Didn’t they see how devastatingly handsome he was?

“Well it appears you’ve won them over. Imagine that! Letting their daughter loose in the wolf pack!”

“So I’m a wolf now?”

Sarah looked at him afraid that she had hurt his feelings but saw instead that he was smiling.

She laughed and they began to dance once more, this time it was a faster song and Sarah squealed as Aidan grabbed and twirled her never missing a beat.

“Do you want to get some fresh air with me Sarah?” Aidan asked as they stood there panting.

She loved the way her name sounded on his tongue. “Yes and some water” she replied.

They went to the bar and got a bottle to share between them and started walking towards the gardens in the resort compound. The moon was so full and bright that the dim lights along the path were scarcely needed.

They found an ornate looking bench and sat down on it. Aidan put his arm around her bare shoulders. They sat there quietly enjoying each other’s company. Sarah drank her fill of water and passed it to Aidan. She sat back and folded her hands in her lap. She felt suddenly aware of him and caught him looking at her chest. She inhaled deeply and he shifted as her chest swelled into the fabric.

He set the water down and grabbed her face. Sarah didn’t wait and pressed her lips into his. His hands quickly moved to her waist and he pulled her close to him, as close as they could possibly get. Sarah angled herself so that she could put her hands on his chest. He parted her mouth open with his tongue and began to lick her lips gently. She pressed into him wanting more and he obliged, thrusting his tongue deeper so that she could rub hers against his. She closed her lips around his tongue and revelled in the feeling of it slowly slipping out of her mouth. He began to nibble at her upper lip and she let out a sigh of content.

He moved his hand down to her neck and grasped it fully. He squeezed gently and she felt her arousal spike. He kept his hand there and turned her head slightly. He bent his head to kiss and nibble her neck right where he could feel the pulse of her heartbeat. She moaned at the intensity of the feeling.

He let go of her and started to rub her arms slowly from her shoulders to her hands and back up again.

“Undo your dress” he said.

“What if someone sees us?”

“Just for a minute”

Sarah reached up with trembling fingers and undid the tie at her neck. She inhaled sharply and straightened her back as the material fell and her breasts were exposed to the chilled night air.

Aidan looked at her breasts not saying anything. She tried hard to regulate her breathing but found it extremely difficult. They sat there silent. He watched her chest rise and fall with every breath. She felt beautiful and vulnerable and confused all at once. What was he trying to do to her?

She almost cried out when he reached out and put his hand over her heart. He put other arm around her waist and squeezed her to him.

“Your heart’s racing” he said, his voice husky.

Sarah nodded.

He moved his hand to cup her left breast and squeezed it firmly. She bit her lip and groaned. He dragged his hand slowly across and cupped the right one and did the same. Then he grabbed her around her waist and lifted her on top of him in one swift motion. She straddled him and could feel him rock hard and pressing against her womanhood.

He hoisted her up so that her breasts were in his face and used his hand to guide her right nipple into his mouth. He sucked and kissed and nibbled it and she felt her hips moving against him. He did the same to the left and she put her hands in his hair and pressed herself into him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed his way up her throat. She bent her head and began to kiss him. It was an unbridled, passionate kiss that took them both by surprise.

He pushed her back slightly and smiled at her sigh of disappointment.

He took his thumb and pressed it against the top of her labia. He began to rub in slow circles. Even through two layers of fabric she could feel him brushing against her throbbing nub of pleasure. Sarah groaned, tilted her head back and began to work her hips against his thumb.

“Let me see” he said.

She stumbled off of him and stood up, the dress slipping all the way down to her hips now. She was bathed in moonlight and he was looking at her like she was the only woman in the world.

She bent down and lifted the dress up, gathering it at her waist. He looked at her white lace panties and inhaled sharply.

“Come closer” he said.

Sarah stepped closer to him as best she could with weak knees. He reached up and pulled her panties down to her knees. She felt so exposed but so full of desire that she didn’t care. He took his finger and slipped it in between her folds. Sarah stifled a moan as he slowly rubbed his finger along her inner lips up to her clitoris and then back down to the yet untouched entrance.

He took his hand away and rubbed his fingers together.

“You’re extremely wet” he said, his voice thick with desire.

Sarah nodded and asked, “Is that bad? I mean, do you not…”

Sarah was mid-sentence when he grabbed her buttocks with his hand and puller her closer to his mouth. He kissed her on her pubic bone and lingered there, nibbling gently on her flesh before moving slightly lower. Sarah reached down and grasped his shoulders. He began to run his tongue along the area just above her clitoris making sure to not venture too close to it.

“Oh my God” Sarah whispered.

Suddenly she heard laughter and footsteps coming towards them. Sarah gasped and pushed Aidan away and hurriedly pulled up her panties. He got up and helped her tie her dress and grabbed her hand.

They walked to another area of the garden that was quiet and unpopulated.

He leaned against a tree and pulled her in a tight embrace. They were both breathing heavily. She rested her head against his chest and he ran his hands slowly and sensually up and down her back.

“What do you want to do?” he whispered.

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