Transgender Model

Stranger with no name

I was taken by him…… a spontaneous moment of passion , this man had made me feel completely out of control.And I loved  every minute of it.


I lay on the sunlounger, soaking up the sun on the lovely white sandy beach.I can hear the sound of the ocean  in the distance as my eyes are closed under my sunglasses.

I hear his voice first, deep and low. A shadow casts over my glasses,and I open my eyes to look who it is .

I can just make out his dark hair and smiling face as the sun shines behind his large frame.


“Would you mind ? “ he gestures to the empty lounger to the side of me.


“Erm ….no, not at all “ I reply . I remove my glasses for a second out of politeness,and smile back at him, then I turn over onto my front.


We continue  a light hearted conversation as he lays out his towel and applies some sunscreen. I think about mine, maybe I should apply some more now, as the sun gets very hot at this time of day.It sat in my bag to the side of me, should I reach down to get it ?


I reach down and retrieve it from my bag .I rub it in , all over my skin ,and as I look  up, he’s watching me .


“Would you like some help with that …..I could do your back for you if you like ?”  he smiles


Even only after a few minutes of conversation, I feel quite comfortable with this man I  hadve never met before.There is an attraction for sure and what harm could letting him put my sunscreen on do ?


“Oh, If you wouldn’t  mind ? ……only I struggle  to do my back ….. thanks ! “ .


I hand the lotion over to him and lay down on my tummy. I feel his hands touch my shoulders, it makes me shiver, his touch is firm as he proceeds to rub it in in circular motions over my back.


The feel of his strong hands on me is arousing . Its  like his touch is electric.Sending impulses through me , making me wet between my legs, right  here on the beach.

As he reaches my waist , his hands slide around, massaging over my hips, and I am breathing  heavier by this point.

“Is that okay ? “ he leans down beside me, whispering in my ear .”Would you like me to do the backs of your legs ? “ .


“Yes please !” I reply breathlessly , my voice almost a croak.

I continue to let his hands caress over my body , up and down the length of my legs, massaging my calves, my thighs, his fingers getting so close to my pussy as they slide up and down my thighs.


My heart is beating fast in my chest .I don’t dare move from my position.

I feel his lips brush my ear as he speaks to me.

“ Would you like to go get a drink ? “  his voice  vibrates through me , sending a shiver down my spine.

“Oh, erm ….yes , thanks “ I reply sitting up on the lounger.As I look up at him , he’s smilrking .

“Was that okay for you ? “ .

A little embarrassed that he’d sensed how good it had been , I stammered my answer ,yes and  stood up to gather my things together. He grabbed my arm, and looked straight into my eyes. I knew exactly what he was thinking as I looked directly back at him.


He takes hold of my hand and we walk across the beach . Up ahead is a changing block, set further away from the main part of the beach .It’s quieter , and almost deserted .

As we reach the doorway, he pulls me inside , and straight away I’m in his arms .


His lips are pressing into mine , hands on my waist ,pushing me up against the wall .



“Ohhh god ….” I breathed heavily as his lips kissed down my neck and onto my shoulder.



His hands slip into the top of my bikini bottoms , sliding them down my thighs.I step out of them as they fall around my ankles.

He moves himself between my now open thighs , his shorts now discarded .on the floor


My breath is coming so fast , I feel his against my ear , almost panting as he guides his hard cock to my pussy . I feel it at my opening, pushing inside in one smooth movement, It takes my breath away as it fills me ,my wetness enveloping his full length , so deep.


Our lips meet , we kiss each other hard as he begins thrusting into me . An animal lust seems to take over his body and mind , harder and faster he forces himself inside me .


His hand grips my high , raising it up , I wrap it around him .A soft moan  escapes my lips as I feel my orgasm building inside.The feeling of his hard cock, sliding in and out of my pussy , the front of him rubbing against my clit as we move against each other. He’s pressing deeper into me with each thrust of his hips , arousing me more and more.


“Oh god….fuck me harder “ I pant , my words seem to urge him on .


He moans deeply into my shoulder and then I feel his cum rush inside me, so hard ., he jerks again and again into me , grunting with each thrust of his hips.

As we breathe heavily against each other , our sweat covered bodies sticking together in the heat and passion,I feel his warm cum running out of my pussy and down my inner thigh.


My head is buried against his chest now, as I get my breathing back to normal.I want to look up into his face .

I feel his hand on my chin , and he tilts my face up towards him , and looks into my eyes.


“I never asked you your name “ he says , looking at me smiling, questioningly.


“I never asked you yours either “ I smile up at him.

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