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Meeting The Man That Changed My Life. SRS Sexual Reassignment Surgery

I am sure you all know this already but for those that don’t, I had my SRS ( Sexual Reassignment Surgery ) in South Africa 1999. I was part of a university program to have a medical correction. Three years of evaluation, psychoanalysis, hormone, chromosomes test I was approved to have SRS surgery through the University Hospital in Pretoria.

The University invited a surgeon from the UK ( James Delrymple ) a pioneer in the field of SRS to do the operations as part of medical research for the University. He performed my surgery on the 21 June and left a few days after, I haven’t seen or been in contact with him since then.

I recently wrote him a letter to see if he will meet up with me as I am doing research for my book and I thought it would be nice to see him again. He agreed to the meeting and I met with him today at his house in London, I was delighted when he agreed to see me. He is the man that did my SRS, and changed my life for ever.

I was concerned that he wouldn’t remember me, but he did and it was a lovely to see him, he is now retired but still sees the patients that he operated on. We had an amazing chat about SRS and his experience on the subject.

It was a great reunion after almost 12 years and I am now more determined than ever to raise as much awareness as I can for Transgender people and SRS. He saved the lives of many transgender people out there and I love him for it. He is truly a caring man and I cant find words to explain how I feel about him and the work that he did.

We have agreed to stay in touch and I hope to see him again soon.

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