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Being a Transsexual Model.

I have been asked a few times over the last year why I decided to be a model? and why I think being a model is a good role model. There is a number of transsexuals that look up to what I do and others think that I am painting a bad picture for Transsexuals. I wanted to do this article to tell my side.

There are people out there that are Doctors, nurses, teachers and full time parents, We are all different and enjoy different things in life, I happen to love modeling , as a Transsexual Model I had to fight my way through and to be honest it is an ongoing struggle. Transsexual Model /s are being used more and more in advertising and marketing campaigns all over the world, I am not saying this is purley because of me but it is because people like me go out there and show people that it is ok to a Transsexual and a Transsexual Model, we are normal people from all part of society and there is no reason why I cant be a model.

I have lived my life in hiding for a long time before I pluged up the courage to come out in the press and say well this is who I really am and I am proud to me a Transsexual Model. Some groups were quick to point out that I was paid for some of the stories in the press and assumed that this was my motivation for doing the stories. A good friend of mine a Transsexual was attacked and nearly beaten to death, I was mortified at the attach and the fact that she was hunted like an animal, having suffered abuse myself I made wanted to do something to make it all better, not in a bad way but wanted to show the world that as Transsexuals are normal people.

The only way I knew how to was to raise awareness and I was involved with modeling and photography at the time, this is why I have decided that I will make a stand, no matter what. I will try my best and show people that Transsexuals are normal people. Me and my husband have taken a massive chance in all the publicity we have done, we have lost friends, work contracts not to mention all the threats we receive. Ever time something bad happens I am more determine to make a difference.

Being a Transsexual Model is only one part of who I am, I am also a wife, business woman and live a normal life, I hope some of the people that write bad things about me will consider the bigger picture and not judge me before you know my story.

I am a proud Transsexual Model and I hope the awareness that I raise this year will make a positive difference in the world, with understanding comes acceptance and I hope my message to people will help them understand Transsexuals more.

Lisa Du Preez

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