Transgender Model

Twenty Twenty Television are looking for Transgender People

Twenty Twenty Television are making a new documentary series about gender transition. We want to make this series a modern piece of television that explores the many and varied realities of being trans in Britain today — from the day-to-day challenges of facing prejudice to the joys of realising an individual identity.

The basic idea is that we intend to follow several trans individuals this summer as they embark upon various stages of their transition, be that emotional, social, physical or medical. We want each of our characters to experience transition in a new way; by having the support of other trans people. It’s clear that many trans people in the UK feel isolated by society’s reaction to their identities and use the internet to reach out to others for advice, support and a community.

In our efforts to get the tone of our series right, we’ve been consulting leading charities and organisations over the last few months, including F to M London, Trans Media Watch and GIRES. They continue to support our programme.

At this stage, just opportunity to talk would be much appreciated, as every conversation we have broadens our research.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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